CHECKMATE 2019 - 11th International Conference on "Emerging Business Strategies in a Connected World." on 21th and 22nd February 2019.

Classes of MBA Semester II & IV scheduled to commence from 1st January 2019.

Classes of MCA Semester II & IV scheduled to commence from 2nd January 2019.

CHECKMATE International Conference & National Conference on Data Mining
Student Corner
Time Table, Notices, Assignment and Question Bank, Syllabus Project Guideline etc.
An intercollegiate Cultural and Management Fest
Vice President’s Message

   Hon. Mrs. Abeda Inamdar
Dear Students

Today MBA, MCM & MCA are all part and parcel of gaining skills, which are needed, in business, industry and all sectors of domestic and foreign economics. The study to achieve the qualifications in these areas is required more than ever for career development. The changes in society and in the work place necessitate education in virtually all professions. The postgraduate programmes taught at Allana Institute of Management Sciences encourage excellence by providing in depth study and stimulate enthusiasm for continued advancement. Students find our environment supportive for career advice even after completion of their studies. AIMS has gained a proud reputation for excellence in teaching and in use of IT in all aspects of educational development and business applications. Allana Institute of Management Sciences endeavours to educate students to become competent professionals sensitive to the needs of others and prepared to assume leadership in their chosen professions. This is possible as we use the latest computer technology including the Internet as a tool for education. When you visit Allana Institute of Management Sciences campus you will get a better understanding of it and its working environment, which provides the competitive qualities, required in the job market.

Welcome to Allana Institute of Management Sciences.