National Conference on Data Mining
(NCDM 2011)
On 19th & 20th February 2011

In the fields of
  • Bioinformatics
  • Medical-Informatics
  • Agro-Informatics
  • Business Management
  • List of papers

    Sr. No Paper Id Name of Author Title
    1 M01 M. Abbas  Advanced Techniques for Regression and Classification in Mining of Biomedical data
    2 M02
    Mr. Syed Mahamud Hossein
    A Compression Algorithm  for DNA Sequences Based on Palindrome Sequences with Information Security
    3 C01 Mrs. Kavita S. Oza Finite Automata based pattern mining
    4 C02 Mr.Suash Deb An Analytical Model for Evaluating Public Moods  Based on the Internet Comments
    5 M03 Mr.Raju Bhukya An Index Based Exact Pattern Matching Algorithm
    6 C03 Mr. Brojo  Kishore Mishra,
    Susanta Kumar Das
    Application of Swarm Intelligence Algorithms to Web Mining
    7 B01 Mrs. Rashmi G.Dukhi Gene Expression Profiling with Microarray
    8 C04 Ms. Saranya Raj Dynamic Aggregation Query Processing Over Incomplete Databases
    9 A01 Dr. Syed Khizer Determination of Soil Type from Farmer’s Description of Soil:
    A Natural Language Processing Tool
    10 C07 Ms. Darshana Desai CLUSTERING: An Efficient Technique For XML Management
    11 C05 Mr. Sameer Gudadhe The Impact Of Information Technology On Strategy And Profitability In Globalized Banking
    12 C06 Syed Azhariddin
    Mr. Basjir A. Hamza
    E- Commerce Implementation in Cooperative Banks to control NPA by using

    Data Mining Technique
    13 C08 Mr. Ashwin Tumma,
    Mr. Akshay Nikam,
    Mr. Saumil Hukerikar
    Data Mining for Internal Security
    14 A02 Ratnmala
    andPravin Metkewar
    Application of Data mining in Agriculture Portfolio Problem
    15 M04 Ms.Sonal Khosla Availability and Delivery of Health related information on the Internet in different
    medical streams: A Quantitative and Qualitative analysis
    16 M05 Ms. Chaitanya Kulkarni Process of knowledge discover in health care
    17 C09 Ms. Surekha Bagdure Data mining Application:For Employee Retention
    18 B02 Ms.Afreen Sayed Targeted drug discovery using Open Source Public tools.
    19 C10 Prof. Neeta R. Kuche Implication of Data Mining In Fraud Detection
    20 C11 Imran Hussain Mining Frequent Patterns without Candidate Generation.
    21 M06 Ms. Dipali D. Awasekar
    Mr. L.M.R.J. Lobo
    Mr. Sameer D. Awasekar
    An Effectual Noninvasive Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Using
    22 A03 Prof. Akbarsaheb Nadaf Retail Management and Relationship Management in Agricultural
    23 A04 Sharad Patil Data Mining techniques to characterize Agriculture Marketing
    24 A05 Prof. Jawed Khan Insight in to Agro Informatics
    25 C12 Dr. Manik kadam
    Mr. Junaid Murtaza
    Usage of Social networking amongst health-care professional for dissemination
    of Medical knowledge and community service 
    26 M08 Mr. Junaid Murtaza Identification of Mizaj (Temprament) based on Tibbi Fundamentals using
    Classification as a tool
    27 B05 Ms. Farhana Sarkhawas A Comparative study of Tools based on sequence alignment features and platform in
    dependency to select the appropriate tool desired.  
    28 BM05 Prof Balasubramniam Quality data ware house and Continuous Quality improvement in Manaufacturing.
    29 M07 Prof. S.D Bagde
    Mr. Jafri
    Data safety and confidentiality consideration in Medical Research: An ethical Approach
    30 C13 Mohammed Aref
    S. A. Jamil
    Mohammed Mazhar
    An Approach towards Data Mining for the Condition Assessment of Automobile
    Rotating Machine through Frequency Analysis Technique
    31 A06 Mr.Shaikh Ashfak Ibrahim Image Mining To Identify Characteristics Of a Leaf
    32 M06 Ms. Sheetal Uplenchwar
    Mr. Rajesh More
    Data mining usage in health Informatics and decision tree applications
    33 B06 Ms. Zeenat Nissa
    Dr. S.W. Gaikwad
    Dr. P.G. Saptarshi3 
    Geographic Information System (GIS) Approach For The
    Assessment Of Groundwater Quality Mapping In And Around
    Industrial Area Shirur Tehsil, District Pune, Maharashtra, India