National Conference on Data Mining
(NCDM 2011)
On 19th & 20th February 2011

In the fields of
  • Bioinformatics
  • Medical-Informatics
  • Agro-Informatics
  • Business Management
  • Committee

    Advisory Committee
    Dr. H. S. Acharya Professor, MCA, Allana Institute of Management Sciences, Pune
    Dr. A. B. Rao Head, Research Center, Allana Institute of Management Sciences, Pune
    Dr. Manik S. Kadam Head MBA JSPM's AIOCA and Research Guide, AIMS
    Dr. S. B. Padhey Head, Inter disciplinary Research Group Azam Campus Pune
    Dr. Amol Goje Director, VIIT, Baramati
    Dr. Mrs. Swati Sirdesai Deputy Director General NIC, Pune
    Dr. Swarnalata Rao Chairman, Division V, Education and Research, CSI, Bangalore
    Dr Atanu Rakshit Deputy Director, Isquare IT, Pune
    Dr E. M. Khan Principal, Abeda Inamdar Sr. College, Pune
    Dr. Jalis Ahmed Principal, Z.V.M. Unani Medical College, Pune
    Dr. Kiran Bhise Principal Allana College of Pharmacy, Pune
    Dr. K.V. Kale Head, CS & IT Dept., Dr. BAMU, Aurangabad
    Dr. H. K. Mishra Head IT & System, Institute of Rural Management ,Anand , Gujarat
    Dr. D. S. Bormane Principal, Rajeshri Shahu College of Engg., Pune
    Prof. Nandakumar Kachane Director, Institute of Management & Computer Studies, Pune
    Dr. Hiten Lakhey Trinity Consultant, Ex-Director NAFARI, Kotharud
    Mr. A. S. Pawar Chairman CSI, Pune
    Dr. Roshan Kazi Head MBA & Professor, Allana Institute of Management Sciences, Pune
    Dr. S. C. Shirwaikar Head, Computer Science, Nowroji Wadia College, Pune

    Organizing Committee
    Prof. Jawed S. Khan HOD, MCA,MCM Depts. Prof. Farhana Sarkhawas Asst. Prof. MCA Dept
    Prof. M.M. Junaid Asst. Prof, MCA Dept. Prof. Abhijit Kaiwade Asst. Prof. MCA Dept.
    Prof. Tasnim Kayamkhani Faculty MCA Prof. Tajuddin Bennur Faculty MCA Dept.
    Prof. Jyoti Mulchandani Faculty MCA Prof. Rajesh More Faculty MCA Dept.
    Prof. Ashwini Mohan Faculty MCM Prof. Mehdi Ali Jafri, Faculty MCA Dept.
    Prof. Afroz Shaikh Faculty MCA Prof. Rahila Sayed Faculty MCA Dept.