A Faculty Development Programme
on Data Mining - FDP 2012
On 16th to 20th January 2012

To provide Teachers Training &
Encourage Young Faculty into Research.
Alumni Meet on Saturday, 28th January, 2012; 6pm onwards
Who Should Attend

    Who should attend / apply
  • The training is basically Faculty Development Program targeted at Teachers engaged in teaching list of courses as in table below.
  • The young faculty engaged in UG/PG teaching with background in Data Bases who are interested in taking up research
  • Faculties of other discipline interested in learning Data Mining.
  • Research Scholars Registered for M..Phil., Ph.D., M.Tech.


Course Code Course Title Offered By Program Name
CS 203 ( New) Data Mining and Data Warehousing University of Pune MSc ( CS) Sem III
504 MCA) Data Warehousing and Data Mining University of Pune MCA ( Comm) Sem V
IT 34 Advanced Data Management System University of Pune MCA (Mgmt) Sem III
DMW Data Mining and Warehousing COEP M.Tech. (CSE) SEMII
K30601 Machine Learning and Data Mining Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune M.Tech (CSE/IT) SEM III
ST 34(A) Data Mining University of Pune M.Sc. (statistics) Sem III
MIM-405 Data Mining & Warehousing University of Pune M.Sc. Tech (IM with CA) Sem IV
CS-504 Data Warehousing and Mining University of Pune M.C.A. (Science faculty ) Sem V
SC-103 ADVANCED DATABASE MANAGE-MENT CONCEPTS University of Pune M.Sc. (Scientific Computing) Sem I
510112 C Data Warehousing and Data Mining University of Pune M.E. (CS) sem IV
514409 Advance Trends in Database Systems University of Pune M.E (IT) Sem II
510309 High Performance Database Systems University of Pune M.E. Computer (Computer Net-works) Sem II
MINE-002 Data Mining Techniques I2IT M.Tech ST
313 Data Warehousing and Data Mining SIU M.Sc. (CA)